My Story of Sexual Abuse

{Written by Jayne} April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. It’s a difficult topic to discuss, but one that is so much better to talk about … - CONTINUE READING -

What Will You Seek First?

{Written by Karli} Do you remember D.O.G., F.R.O.G. and WWJD? Were you of the generation who wore bracelets, carried pencils and flaunted t-shirts with those letters on them? Or were you … - CONTINUE READING -

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Breastfeeding Post 6 of 6: Rebecca’s Story

{Written by Rebecca} This post is the first of a six part bonus series about breastfeeding, each of our individual stories, the highs, the lows, the "I have no clue what I'm doing" and the "I've … - CONTINUE READING -

Pumpkin ‘Lasagna’ Dessert

Pumpkin 'Lasagna' Dessert This luscious layered dessert delivers all the pumpkin-y flavors we've come to cherish in the autumn season - pumpkin spice, cream cheese, pecan crust and … - CONTINUE READING -

Calendar Creations

{Written By Jess} Calendars are wonderful, calendars are great! I love calendars they keep me up to date! I am somewhat of an A type personality and a visual learner and thinker. I love making … - CONTINUE READING -


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